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Customized services based on each client’s care requirements
Many of our clients are recovering from a disease or injury. They have been seen fit by their doctors to continue their care at home. This means that they’ll have to receive continuing health care and need it from professionals capable of addressing their needs and communicating with their doctors and other individuals involved in maintaining their overall wellness. These may include other care professionals, family members, and the clients themselves. Good thing that’s exactly what we do here at Affectionate Transition Agency. With our professionals around, you can count on personalized services provided with compassion and excellence.

Our services may include:

Other Services We Offer

  • Personal Care

    We assist our clients with activities of daily living (ADLs). This service is provided based on the types and levels of care each client needs. However, with personal care, we may provide assistance with bathing, meal preparation and feeding, toileting, grooming, dressing, and doing other essential errands that are essential for everyday survival.

  • Respite Service

    Family caregivers deserve to take well-deserved breaks so they can relax or have the freedom to run errands and take care of other things without worrying about their loved ones’ welfare at home. With the help of our care professionals, they can rest assured that their loved ones are under the supervision of compassionate and highly-efficient care providers.

  • Community Connections

    Socialization and community inclusiveness are also essential for our clients to live fulfilling lives. For this reason, we make it a point to take them out into the community to connect and make new friends with peers. The clients choose the places we go, and we are just here to offer supervision and extend assistance when needed. Some places we go to are shopping malls, gyms, pools, movie theaters, and more.

In-home support services (IHSS)

Non-Skilled Home Support Services by Caregivers and Companions

  • Reminders with Medical Appointments
  • Meal preparation
  • Light house keeping
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Arts and Crafts Projects
  • Planning Daily Schedule
  • Check Food Expiration
  • Assist with Evening and Tuck-in
  • Medication Reminders
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